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I will admit that I am scared of colour. Mad when I own a yarn shop, I know, but I always go to my fail safe colours – teal and purple.

I’ve been inspired recently by the ways customers choose their colours.

Choosing colour

Choosing colour

The other week a lady brought in this piece of beautiful fabric which she was going to have her sofa covered in. She wanted to crochet a blanket for the sofa so was picking out the colours from the fabric.

She wrapped the pegs with her yarn choices which made it so much easier to see how the colours could work together.


Special DK pegs

Special DK pegs

I was so inspired by this I’ve wrapped pegs with the Stylecraft Special DK yarn. Hopefully this will help customers (and me) be able to choose colour ways easier.


colour pallets

Colour pallets…

Another idea a customer shared with me recently was colour pallets. The customer, a photographer, wanted me to send some yarn to his Mum for her birthday and sent me this link to choose colours from.

So many new colour ways opened to me; colours I would never have put together looked good.


design seeds

After a bit more exploring I came across Design Seeds. They have such a huge range of colour pallets to explore.


I’ll be trying to use these techniques far more now… Teal and purple – Goodbye!


A bit of Fairisle with 14 different colours (including some yellow and gold – augh scary!)