Confession Time

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Confession Time

It is time I confessed…..

Back in January I decided on 2 resolutions:

  1. To write on here regularly…. well, that hasn’t happened recently has it! I could blame it on lots of things: being busy; moving house; etc… but actually when it comes down to it I have just been plain lazy. So.. here I am back here and, hopefully back on board with sharing news from the shop.
  2. Ah… the biggie…. to finish some half started projects. The year got off to a good start, I finished my Sophie’s Universe and a few items for the shop. Then it all went wrong! I’ve got so many part started projects and there is no excuse except I got excited by a new project!

So here is Confession Time… Those projects I have on the go.

  1. Temperature Blanket

Ok, this project will take me all year, but I was 3 months behind until the other day… and have you seen those ends? I really need to work on them!

I was also worried that I would end up with lots of yarn at the end so started a second temperature blanket in a basic granny.

2. Lily Pond CAL

This is my second Lily Pond CAL. I started it about 2 years ago and just lost momentum, probably because it was the second one. So the other day I decided to turn the bits I have finished into a cushion cover. I love it… but now there are lots of ends to sew in. I’m trying to motivate myself so every time I finish a row on project 3 I am sewing in 4 ends. Hopefully it will be a finished project soon!

3. Peggy Sue


Peggy Sue is going to be a top down cropped 1950’s style cardigan designed by Linda Wilgus. We are off to a 50’s party in a few weeks so I started this with some yarn I bought when we went to the Bath and West Craft Show a few months ago. It is growing quickly so I should have it finished soon – even sooner if I could locate my missing 4mm circular needle!

4. Socks. pairs so 4 and 5 really.

I forgot to take a photo of these. But I have started a pair of socks in this YSD colourway. One sock is finished. I used an after thought heel. The second sock has been started…. I think the thought of the second after thought heel is putting me off. I found it rather fiddly picking back up those stitches.

I also have 1 sock complete in WYS Tequila Sunrise colourway. This one is using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel which I did enjoy knitting. My only excuse for not finishing this is that the day I was going to tackle the second heel my ipad ran out of charge and I couldn’t see the pattern… it’s not really a very good excuse is it?!

6. A cardigan.

Simple black cardigan with a grey contrast edging. All finished except sewing the buttons on. It is sat on the back of my chair at the shop… ok, having written this I really should sew the buttons on today. It will only take me 5 minutes. I’ll report back!

7. I’m loosing track of where I am!

Ah, my Designer Yarns Knit ALong, designed by Sandra Oakeshott. I’ve got 9 squares finished and 3/4 of the 10th. I think there are another 6 squares to go.

8. A crocheted bag I am designing

9. A jumper in Dy Fruity that needs testing as the pattern is incorrect. I only have a sleeve and alter the back to go.

10. A fairisle jumper/tunic… I can’t remember when I started this :/

11. A Debbie Bliss Baby Jacket with cables and Teddy Bears on it for the shop

Confession is good for the soul!  But that is a lot of part finished projects. Do you have many on the go? Do share them with us.

next time I’ll blog about some of the things my customers have made recently and HOPEFULLY there will be 1 or 2 things there which I have finished!