Happy New Year 2017

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Happy New Year – 2017

2016 was a year to remember in so many ways, from all the celebrities who passed, to the Queen’s 90th Birthday and celebrations to many more personal reasons. For me it was a year to remember as it was the first year I gave up my teaching job to work solely on the business. Easier than teaching? In some ways yes, I have a brain cell at the end of the day and can string a sentence together, something which was rather rare when I was teaching. Harder in other ways, and I couldn’t have done it without my lovely family, friends and customers. I think the biggest achievement and one I’m most proud of was being nominated in the Knitting awards category of Best Independent Yarn Shop in the South West, and then coming third!



Amazing when the shop had only been open 2 years at that point.

So a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported me last year.

Now 2017….

We always start the year with ‘Resolutions’. This year I am thinking of them more as ‘goals’.

My first goal (it might take me a while) is to finish my Sophie’s Universe CAL

sophie;s universe CAL

Sophie’s Universe CAL

I started it somewhere at the beginning of last year, just using Stylecraft Special Dk in Fondant, Aqua, Citron and Cream, mainly because those were the colours I had to hand. So I am starting 2017 on round 60 of 113 (although I could extend it further. I will decide when I get to this point). Hopefully you lovely lot can hold me accountable to keeping up with this goal.

Goal two: blogging…..

My aim is to be posting a blog weekly…. so this is where I am also going to be asking for your help. I will blog about new yarns in the shop, patterns and other things like that, but I also would like your input on what you would like me to blog about?

Maybe you would like me to demonstrate a skill/stitch/technique?

Or blog about a new craft?

Or anything else? Please share with me your suggestions. At The Slipped Stitch we always want to help you the most we possibly can, so if you are stuck on a pattern you bought from us we will do our best to help you solve it, so hopefully I can extend the blog to helping you solve your knitting/crochet problems and helping you develop.

And on that note of patterns from the shop… I am going to do a monthly show case blog of things our customers have been making over the month, so if you bought a yarn from us and made something, or a kit, or came on a workshop, we would LOVE to see it. If you can drop us an email with a picture of what you made and some details about it i.e. yarn, pattern etc by the 22nd of each month then you can feature on our blog!

While we are talking about sharing things, maybe you would like to share with us some of your ‘goals’ for 2017? Do pop them in our comments section (hopefully by the time of publishing this I will have succeeded in my other ‘goal’ of turning on comments) or drop us an email.

Have a wonderful 1st week of 2017.

Millie x