Lockdown Blanket Crochet Along Part 2

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Hello and Welcome to part 2!


Just a reminder that at the end of each row you should (hopefully!) have 151 stitches (or 302 if you are doubling the size).

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Colours used today – Grey, Amber, Old Rose and Pale Petrol.

Abbreviations:  ch – chain, tr – treble, sts – stitches, dc – double crochet.

Granny Clusters

Row 7: Join Grey. 3ch. 1tr in same place.  *miss 2, 3tr in next st. Rep from * to last 3 sts. Miss 2sts, 2tr in 3rdch of previous row. TURN

Row 8:Change to Amber 3ch, 2tr in space from row below.  3tr in each space to last 2 sts. 1tr in top of 3ch from previous row. TURN

Row 9: Change to Old Rose. 3ch, 1tr in next space. 3tr in every space to last space. 2tr in space, 1tr in last stitch. DON’T TURN! Fasten off.

Moss Stitch

Row 10: Join Grey to the beginning of row 9. 2ch  (counts as 1dc and1ch) *miss 1 st, 1dc in next st, 1ch. Rep to end of row ending with 1dc in last st. TURN

 Row 11: Change to Pale Petrol.  1ch(counts as 1dc), *1dc in next 1ch space, 1ch. Rep from * to last st. 1dc in last st. TURN

Row 12: Change to Grey. 2ch (counts as 1dc and 1ch). *work 1dc in next 1ch gap, 1ch. Rep from * to end of row. 1dc in last st. TURN.

Row 13: Change to Pale Petrol. As row 11. TURN.



Please share your photos of your CAL progress with us on Social Media using #lockdowncrochetalong 


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