Lockdown Blanket Crochet Along Part 3

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Welcome to Part 3

We are nearly at the end of week 6 of lockdown, and I don’t know about you but this has definitely been the hardest yet. Fortunately my crochet has kept me sane. In this part we are going to be adding trebles, bobbles and some shell stitch to our blanket.

I love seeing your blankets after each part so please share them with me on Facebook or Instagram. 


Colours used today: Cream, Peacock, Duck Egg, Apple, Amber, Berry

Special stitch – Bobble – 4tr in next st, take hook out and put in space before the 1st tr, put stitch back on hook and pull through, 1ch.



Row 14: Change to Cream. 3ch, 1tr in every st and 1ch space to end of row. TURN

Row 15: 3ch. 1tr in each st.



Row 16: Change to Peacock. 3ch. 1tr in next 2 sts. *Make bobble, 1tr in next 3sts. Rep from * to end of row. TURN. 

Make Bobble -4tr in 1tr

Take hook out and put in gap between last stand alone tr and 1st of the cluster of 4. Then put the stitch back on the hook.


Pull the stitch through and make 1 ch. 

Row 17: Change to Duck Egg. 3ch. 1tr in every stitch. TURN


Shell Stitch

Row 18: Change to Apple. 2ch, miss 2sts *5tr in next st, sk2, 1dc, sk2 rep from * to last 4. 5tr in next st, sk 2, 1dc in last. TURN

Row 19: Change to Amber. 3ch *2tr in same place. Sk 2, 1dc, sk 2. 5tr. Rep from * to last 6. Sk2, dc in next, 3tr in last st. TURN

Row 20: Change to Berry. 2ch.*Sk 2, 5tr, miss 2, 1dc. Rep from * to last 6. Sk 2, 5tr, sk2, 1dc in last st. TURN.


I hope you enjoy this part of my Lockdown Blanket. Please share your progress. Next part is released on Monday 4th May. See you then!