Lockdown Blanket Crochet Along Part 7

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Part 7!


How are we on part 7 already? Time has flown by. To be honest with you I thought by the time we had arrived at part 7 I would be starting to think about how and when I might be reopening the shop, but that still seems so far away. I hope you have enjoyed the crochet along so far.


Colours used today: Cream, Duck Egg and Peacock

Spike Stitch

Spike stitch – yarn round hook, place hook into 1ch space from 2 rows below. Yarn over and pull through, yarn over and through 2 loops, yarn over and through 2 loops. Make sure you don’t pull the yarn too tight when you are working into the 1ch space.

Row 36: Change to Cream 3ch, 1 tr in next 2 sts, *1 ch, miss 1, 1tr in next 3 sts, Rep from * to den of row. Turn.

Row 37: as row 36.

Row 37

Row 38

Row 38: Change to Duck Egg 3ch, * 1ch, miss 1 st, 1tr in next st, 1 spike stitch in next stitch, 1tr in next stitch. Rep from * to last st, 1tr, turn

Make spike stitch into the 1ch space 2 rows below.

Row 39: as row 36 ending with 1 tr in last stitch.

Row 40: Change to Peacock 3ch, 1 spike stitch into row 38, 1 tr in next space, *1ch, miss 1 st, 1tr in next stitch, 1spike stitch, 1 tr. Rep from * to end or row. DO NOT FASTEN OFF.


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