New Years Resolution Update

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New Years Resolutions Update

So how are your new years resolutions coming along?

If you remember back a few weeks one of mine was to update this blog weekly. Week 3 and so far, so good. Don’t forget to share any ideas or things you would like to see on the blog with me. Next week I think I will be writing about socks and then the following week will be our monthly ‘Customer Makes’ blog, so please get those photos in of what you have been making using yarn etc from our shop.

This leads me on to the second part of this goal… comments. After lots of conversations with my ‘web man’ (Kev from Wyke Print Solutions), who is ever so patient with me, he has eventually solved the issue of no comments, and they are back on… so please leave me a comment below!

Goal 2: Sophie’s Universe CAL

Where was I at the beginning of the month on it? Somewhere like round 60 I think?

I’m now up to round 99… and then ran out of the colour I was using – so typical! I’ve brought more home with me tonight so round 99 will be finished in a bit. Then 13 more rounds to go for the main square of the blanket. Its a really enjoyable project to work on (not sure why I put it down last year!), I’ve learnt so much along the way: new stitches, how different shapes are formed etc. I can highly recommend it. I’ve used Stylecraft Special in just 4 colours. So far it has taken:

Cream x 4 balls

Fondant x 3 balls

Citron x 2 ball

Turquoise x 2 balls

I haven’t decided if I’m going to do the additional squares to turn it into a rectangle after round 113 or leave it in the square shape. At the moment it is 1.27wide. Has anyone else finished a Sophie? Please share you photos with me.

So that’s enough rambling from me today. Don’t forget to keep me updated on how your own goals are coming along.

See you next Week,