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You will need:

2 balls WYS Bo Peep in Tin Man (or prefered Colour) (224m in total)

4mm needles (I used Circular needles)

Stitch holder

5 buttons

Sewing up needle



K – Knit sts – Stitches Rep – Repeat

Fits Newborn – actual size 17in.

Jacket is worked in one piece, from arm to arm.

Cast on 26 sts loosely. Work in garter stitch throughout.

Work until sleeve measures 5cm. Increase 1 st each side on next row and every 5th row until 38 sts.

Continue straight until sleeve measures 16cm.

Cast on for front and back

Cast on 27 sts at beginning of next 2 rows (92sts)

Work until piece measures 6cm from cast on for front and back ending on ws row.

Next row: Knit first 46 sts (this is the front piece), leave remaining 46sts on stitch holder (back piece).


beginners crochet

Shape left front neck

Working on these 46 sts, cast off the first 6 sts for the neck (40sts)

Decrease 1 sts at neck edge on next and every 3rd row until 37 sts remain.

Work straight until right front measures 12cm.

Buttonhole row

Row 1 – Knit 2 *cast off 2 sts, K6, rep from * 4 times, cast off 2, K1

Row 2 – Knit to buttonhole, cast on 2 sts, rep across row.

Work 4 rows

Cast off.


Rejoin yarn to 46 sts on the stitch holder. Work in garter st until back measures 17 cm from backcast on. Leave on the stitch holder.

Right front

Loosely cast on 37 sts.

Knit until piece measures 3.5cm.

Neck increases

Increase 1 st at neck/left edge on next and every 3rd row until 37 sts.

Work straight until front measures 6.5 cm.

Cast on 6 sts at neck edge on next row (46 sts)

Rejoin this to the back stitches on the stitch holder (92 sts).

Work until left front measures 13cm. The back will measure 23cm.

Make the second sleeve

Cast off 27sts at beginning of the next 2 rows (38sts).

Work until sleeve measures 3.5cm from cast-off point

Decrease 1 sts either end of next and every 5th row until 26sts.

Continue working straight until the sleeve measures 16cm.

Cast off.


with right side facing, pick up and knit 50 sts around the neck. Cast off.


Sew side seams and sleeve seams.

Sew on buttons.

Block jacket.



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